How to Create a Dog Disaster Kit

DogChannel shows you how to assemble a disaster kit for your dog.

DogChannel's Do it Yourself SeriesInclude the following items in a sturdy container and store in an easy-to-access location next to your canine first-aid kit.

  • Leash and collar or harness.
  • Several bottles of water.
  • Collapsible bowl.
  • Several-day supply of food and treats, plus information on eating habits and food allergies.
  • Medication in a waterproof container, with information on dosage and frequency.
  • Cleanup supplies (plastic bags, paper towels, and chlorine bleach).
  • Copies of important veterinary records (vaccination records and information on existing medical conditions).
  • Copies of registration information (adoption papers, proof of purchase, microchip, or other identification information).
  • List of emergency contacts (friends or relatives, veterinarian’s contact information, and listings of nearby pet-friendly hotels).
  • Recent photographs of you and your dog with her breed, age, sex, and color written on the back.
  • Duplicate of a toy she enjoys.
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