How People React To Pet Rats

People seem to either love pet rats or hate them, and this video shows the honest reactions of several people meeting rats for the first time.

two people meeting rats
Via BuzzFeedVideo/YouTube 
She is thoughtfully explaining what it would take for her to be friends with rats, and he is just like, “Whaaaaaat?!”

I like pet rats. I think they’re cute, but I’m well aware that quite a few people have adverse reactions to these furry pets. One of the common reasons given for the possible dislike is the tail. I don’t understand the fear or dislike, but I respect it. Everyone has different likes and dislikes — or phobias. Don’t even get me started about spiders. Eke!

The people at BuzzFeed must have noticed the polarizing effect that rats have, and now they’ve made a video to show people reacting to meeting rats for the first time. The emotions range from like to disbelief to fear to disgust — and it’s actually pretty riveting viewing. And I have to give props to the rats. None of them showed fear or disgust of the people judging them.

The comments on the video vary, but quite are few show support for pet rats. They are very intelligent, affectionate pets. I have to say that at 0:55, the facial reactions are priceless of the man sitting next to the woman as she explains what it would take for her to be friends with rats. And I tip my hat to the man who says that rats are misunderstood. I think misunderstanding is at the root of most of the fear.

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The video has been viewed nearly half a million times since it posted yesterday, so maybe amid the laughter of people’s reactions, some viewers might decide to give rats a second chance. What do you think of pet rats?

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