How Often Do You Wash Your Dog?

Survey reveals owners preferred place and frequency of bathing their dogs.

Moen Inc., a faucet and fixture company, announced the results of their recent survey which polled pet owners in the United States with questions such as how they bath their pets, how often, and where?

The survey polled 600 adults nationwide to uncover that the 47 percent of pet owners who bathe their pets in their home shower or bathtub are more likely to be under 45, married, and have children over 18 years of age.

Twenty-two percent use their driveway to bathe their pets, 15 percent in the bathroom, kitchen, or utility sink, 6 percent take their pets to a groomer, and 1percent have their pets bathed at a veterinarian or kennel.

So what kinds of pets are being bathed at home? Dogs aren’t the only ones being scrubbed down, although they are the top runners at 86 percent, followed by cats at 34 percent, birds and guinea pigs at 5 percent, lizards and snakes at 4 percent, rabbits at 1 percent, and 3 percent allocated to others animals.

The frequency at which pet owners bathe their pets at home range from 32 percent giving their pets a bath once a month to 12 percent of people who bathe their pets once every couple of months. The survey shows that those bathing their pets most frequently are between 16 and 44 years old, have a household income of more than $50,000, own homes, are single, and have no children.

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