How Much Is The First Dog Worth?

The White House discloses Bo’s price tag in president’s annual financial disclosure.

Bo ObamaHow much is that doggie in the window?

Well, if that doggie is first dog Bo Obama – $1,600, according to annual financial disclosure forms released this week by the White House.

Some Portuguese Water Dog breeders are taking issue with the figure, saying it’s too low. “It’s hard to get a puppy from a reputable breeder for $1,600,” said Lisa Wiley, a PWD breeder in Bethany, Conn., to the Christian Science Monitor. “I would be wary of any puppy less than that.”

But Bo was a “return” dog, which means he was purchased by another owner and returned to the breeder before being bought by the late Sen. Edward Kennedy as a gift for the Obamas. That may be the reason Bo went for less than the $2,000 – $3,000 PWDs typically fetch.

In all, Obama reported 2009 income between $4.1 and $12.1 million, including the $1.4 million from his Nobel Peace Prize (he donated that money to charity).

Royalties from Obama’s books, “Dreams From My Father” and “The Audacity of Hope,” rang in at between $1 million and $5 million each.

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