How Hot Is Your Dog?

New website gives owners real-time information about their dogs’ safety in the outdoor heat.

August is typically the hottest month of the year, and dogs often feel the brunt of the sun, overheating more quickly than humans.

To help pet owners maintain their pets’ health during the dog days of summer, the ColdHeat Pet Index, a free measurement tool, was launched online. By plugging in your zip code and some personalized information about your dog, such as age and breed information, the pet index will provide the level of danger for your pet and some possible solutions to keep them out of danger.

A Pet Index at or below 85 indicates risk level is “low” and you and your dog can enjoy the outdoors. A Pet Index between 86 and 100 indicates “medium” risk and advises owners to be cautious and to not overdo it as the temperature could exhaust dogs. A Pet Index at or above 100 indicates a “high” risk level and advises owners to use extreme caution: stay indoors, limit outdoor activities and keep out of the hot sun.

“Most pet owners don’t realize how dangerous warm weather and strenuous activity can be for their pets and how quickly it can lead to overheating,” says ColdHeat CEO Kent Baker.

While summer can be an ideal time to enjoy the outdoors with your pet, high temperatures can quickly cause problems for dogs if not monitored closely. The Pet Index gives owners real-time information about the risk to their dog.

During the summer months, owners should always have plenty of fresh, cool water available and keep an eye on their dogs for signs of heavy panting or exhaustion. Always watch your dog closely for any signs of overheating and, if you suspect heat stroke, immediately take your pet to a veterinarian.

For more information, and to try the ColdHeat Pet Index, visit

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