How Does A Sugar Glider Fare As A Pet?

Some noteable concerns include diet and veterinary care.

Q: I have had a hamster, a guinea pig and a dog. I am looking to get a sugar. The dog is a family dog that is old. After he passes away, the family will probably be getting two new puppies. Would you recommend getting a sugar glider? I knew someone who had a sugar glider, and it was really cute. If I get a sugar glider, will it get cranky or play if I get it out during the day?

A: A sugar glider can be a wonderful addition as a family pet. There are a few things to consider, however, before becoming an owner. Unlike a hamster or a dog, a sugar glider is considered an exotic pet. The most important part of owning a sugar glider is having an available veterinarian to treat your glider, if necessary, and to provide wellness checkups. Sugar glider diets are also specialized, often requiring you to order their vitamin supplements online. Being a nocturnal animal, most interaction with  owners occurs during the late evening hours. During the daylight hours, sugar gliders sleep. You can carry them during the day in a bonding pouch, but most often the sugar glider sleeps. As with any pet, do your research in advance to maintain a long and lasting relationship with the pet you choose.

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