How Do You Treat A Cut On A Chinchilla?

How do you treat a chinchilla for a cat scratch?

Q: My chinchilla has a small cut on its head because a cat attacked it through the cage bars. How do can I treat it? What should I use?

A: The first thing I suggest is that you visit your veterinarian as soon as possible. For a chinchilla, a break in the skin from a cat scratch can be very serious, even deadly, if bacteria enter the bloodstream. For this reason, a veterinarian really should take a look at this even if it appears to be minor scratch. But if this wound is so minimal that does not need the attention of a veterinarian then you may not need to put medication on this wound.

Other important things to do include the following:
1. Make sure the area is cleaned as soon as possible. You can use water to wet the fur near the wound area to be sure that there aren’t other, deeper scratches you have missed. You could even clean this with some alcohol.
2. Watch the area to make sure it is healing and that your chinchilla leaves the scratch alone. If your chinchilla bites at the area, this could make a very minor scratch into a big problem. If this occurs, then you do need to visit the veterinarian.

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