How Cats Talk About Catnip

"High and mighty," "Herb grinder" ... "Rolling stoner." Find terms cats use when talking about catnip.


Most cats get nutty when it comes to that magical herb called catnip. Some kitties enjoy the mellow high it provides, and others get a little wild and crazy from the stuff. I’m talkin’ serious zoomies! But then there’s that small percent of the cat population that doesn’t seem to react at all to the nip … or maybe they do feel something, but are trying to keep their cool.

The feline informant that brings me a brand new cat-slang list each week is absolutely mad for the catnip. He says it relaxes him to no end, and he always takes a little before he makes his Fanglish delivery. You see he goes against all kinds of cat rules by sharing any part of their underground lingo with humans. He can’t help but get anxious knowing he could be blackballed by the cat community at large. He’s a complete treat fanatic, though, and is willing to risk everything for a fresh bag from in in exchange for a little slice of what’s happening in our cats’ world when we’re not looking. We’d never rat him out, right? No way. We like our backstage pass to our kitties’ secret lexicon. So, seal those lips and let’s get ready for a hot, steamy serving of cat slang!

Rolling stoner
A cat who’s rolling in a pile of catnip.

Percy looked forward to Fridays when The Lady brought home catnip because he was a total rolling stoner.

Leaves: a lot to be desired

Catnip leaves that are especially desirable by cats.

Gertrude jumped onto the kitchen counter because she saw leaves: a lot to be desired.

Grand Zentral station

A group of cats who are zoned out on catnip.

The Man thought it was awfully quiet in the kitchen, and walked in to find Grand Zentral station around the pile or dried catnip he’d left for the cats.

Herb grinder
A cat who grinds her face against a pile of catnip.

Maxine always got catnip stuck in her whiskers because she was a heavy grinder.

Agricultural zoning
Designating a certain area for catnip enjoyment.

The Man created agricultural zoning by sprinkling catnip inside a big cardboard box.

High and mighty
Stoned on catnip and bullying other cats.

No one liked to share catnip with Cookie because she became high and mighty.

Plant pathology

The science of finding the fastest path to newly offered catnip.

All the cats looked to Potato when The Lady sprinkled catnip because he was skilled in plant pathology.

Whisker pickins
Pieces of dried catnip stuck to a cat’s whiskers.

Hoho woke up from his nap and happily noticed whiskers pickins from his catnip fest that morning.

Hiding a catnip toy.

No one could ever find the catnip mice because Pokey Bear was a pro at nip-tucking.

Super soaker

A cat who soaks a catnip toy with drool.

The Man dropped the catnip rat because Diva, a super soaker, had left it completely soggy.

That’s all for this week! We hope you’ll join us next week for another selection of fine Fanglish terms. Until then … shh!

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