How Can I Keep My Cat Safe During New Year’s Party?

CatChannel expert Jeanne Adlon, professional cat sitter, offers some precautionary measures.

It might be party time for you but not for your cat. Via Pixabay


I am hosting a large New Year’s party in my home. Should I take any special precautions for my cat?


I always feel that when you are having a party, you should pay extra attention to making sure your cat does not get in harm’s way. New Year’s parties can get a bit wild, with lots of food and drink. Though that’s part of the fun, one of the best things you can do is remember to get all the garbage outside of the house afterward, as one client of mine learned one recent holiday.

They threw a New Year’s party in their Manhattan apartment and left the next day for a vacation. When I came in to care for their cats, Boo and Bella, I found the kitchen in an uproar! The floor was littered with plastic cups, straws, napkins, streamers, wine corks, bits of cheese and other food. The garbage had all been properly bagged, but left in the kitchen so Boo and Bella proceeded to help themselves to their own “after” party. Thank goodness they didn’t get into anything harmful like toothpicks. I notice they did bat some corks around the house though.

New Year’s is a noisy holiday and that doesn’t sit well with most kitties. In fact, I try to keep it a secret from my cats as long as I can. Secure them in a separate room with their food, water, litter and toys for the duration and put a sign on the door that says “Do Not Disturb.” If any of your guests like to open the windows and yell out of them at midnight, which some people do in Manhattan, please make sure the windows have screens in them.

Watch for dropped food on the floor and glasses that could be knocked over. Please pick up streamers and confetti (which could be swallowed), empty ash trays and use common sense about cleaning up. This way you and your kitties can ring in the new year in a happy and safe way. Wishing you and all your feline friends a wonderful new year!

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