How a Cheetah Helped a Woman through Breast Cancer

All cats are healing creatures, even big cats.

Anyone who’s ever had a cat knows the healing power they have. They help us de-stressalleviate depression or just cheer us up when we’re having a bad day. What those who have domestic cats may not know is the same is true for big cats.

Fiela is one such big cat. The cheetah was raised by Riana van Nieuwenhuizen since she was a cub, and the two are practically inseparable.

My Pet Cheetah Helped Me Through Cancer by BarcroftTV

When Riana was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent treatment at the hospital, she was worried about how Fiela might react to her, especially since her the treatment resulted in her hair loss. However, according to the BarcroftTV video above, Fiela approached her right away and licked her on the head, perhaps as a way to help her heal. Riana says that Fiela helped her recover, helped her fight the cancer. It turns out even big cats can share a special bond with their humans.

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