How a Cat Blog Begins

Pet writer Sandy Robins talks about a day in the life of her working cats.

It was over a leisurely lunch of tomato pie and a chilled pinot grigio that CatChannel Editor Susan Logan and Managing Editor Nikki Batalis popped the question: Would I like to blog for

Would I ever!

I’ve decided to call my blog Catastrophes and Other Tails as this appropriately sums up the story of my life.

Whether she knows it or not, Fudge my green-eyed beauty, is a working cat. It’s a real job as she helps to form opinions about the latest cat toys and treats, beds and other paraphernalia. The pay is in tuna.

In fact she has two jobs. Her day job is spent hanging around my desk and dusting my keyboard with her tail while I write and her night job is spewing my husband’s papers all over the floor.  Like all cats, she can multitask as she can do all this and test treats and toys with a laser beam simultaneously.

But it’s a lot of work for one cat. So I’d like to introduce the rest of my team of feline testers.

There are my two “grand-cats”: my daughter Cherri and son-in-law Nick’s two stripy felines. Isabella is shy and retiring and the madcap kitten is Mr. Poopy Pants. Isabella was less than charmed when he bounced on to the scene. They are happy to test everything from scratchers to the cardboard boxes they came in and will eat anything. Beds are a bit of a problem though as Mr. Pants would rather sleep on your head if given the chance.

The rest of the panel members are my best friend Gail’s fur balls called This Cat, That Cat and the Other Cat. This Cat has a need to know how stuff works. So if you give him a toy he will immediately try and dissect it to find out what really makes it tick. That Cat is at her best when it comes to trying out battery-operated mice and other critters. Other Cat is still a youngster and considers That Cat his mentor. Talk about a bad influence.

So now that you’ve met the team; next week the real “work” will begin.  Be sure to clock in.

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