Household Garbage Is Toxic Trash for Dogs

Trash-eating dogs could be at risk for a variety of illnesses, the ASPCA offer tips to keep them safe.

Household garbage may contain items that are harmful to dogs, and the American Society for the Prevention and Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) offers suggestions to keep dogs safe and away from potentially poisonous trash.

Dog owners should familiarize themselves with the possible dangers of everyday garbage, according to the ASPCA, which include:

Physical Obstruction Hazards – Items such as meat, plastic, metal, or paper can cause intestinal problems, choking, or trauma to a dog’s gastrointestinal tract.

Bacteria – Food poisoning may result if a dog eats spoiled food.

Toxin-Producing Molds – Certain foods such as cheese, nuts, grains, and pasta can produce mold when they rot, producing toxins that can be life-threatening if ingested.

Poisonous Household Items – Many items are potentially harmful to dogs, but the poisons most commonly found in household trash include medications, plant cuttings, cleaners and insecticides.

The ASPCA offers these preventative tips to help keep dogs healthy:

  • Use covered wastebaskets that are difficult to tip, or keep trash containers in areas inaccessible to dogs.
  • Properly dispose of potentially hazardous waste – Check with the garbage company or city officials to find out how properly dispose of poisonous waste.
  • In case of ingestion, prompt action is key – Contact a veterinarian immediately.
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