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Household Dangers for Your Cat

Protect your cat around these 25 household hazards.

Protect your cat around these 25 household hazards.


Maneuvering through the average home can be hazardous for an inquisitive cat. Maintain a feline-friendly living space, and avoid emergency trips to the veterinarian by following these guidelines.
Kitchen and Laundry Room

1. Large appliances.  Dishwashers, washing machines and clothes dryers can turn into deathtraps for cats that hide in them. Close lids and doors when not in use, and check for cats before starting a cycle.

2. Hot surfaces.  Make sure stovetops, hotplates and electric grills are cool to the touch before allowing your cat near.

3. Kitchen counters.  Counter-surfing felines might get more than they bargain for if they eat harmful foods, such as those containing chocolate, onions or onion powder. Cats attracted to milk might chew apart and swallow baby bottle nipples or similar items. Remove food from unattended countertops, and properly dispose of bones, food wrappers, strings and other waste. Kitchen trash cans should have a secure lid or be located inside a latched cabinet. 
4. Detergents and cleaners. Install child-proof devices on ground-level doors to prevent cats from investigating these or other chemicals. 
5. Rodent and insect repellents. These products poison cats as well as the creatures for which theyÕre intended. Put mouse bait, mothballs and insect traps only in areas that your cat canÕt access.

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