Housecat Attacks?

Postal workers say they?ll stop delivering mail if cat doesn?t behave.


Have you ever heard of a cat attacking the mailman?  It seems that postal workers delivering mail to a home in Somerset, England, have been menaced by a housecat named Magic and threaten to quit delivering mail to the home if the cat doesn’t mend his ways.

Now, from his picture, Magic looks like a perfectly adorable tabby cat. But it seems that when the letter carriers drop mail through the door’s slot, Magic goes into attack mode, bolts outside through his cat door and goes after them, according to a story in the Telegraph.

Magic’s mom, Sam Enan-McKinnon, says Magic “wouldn’t hurt a fly,” and goes on to say that she conducted an experiment where someone dropped mail through the slot and “Magic didn’t do anything at all.”

But the manager of the district mail service threatened to cut off their delivery if the cat isn’t controlled.

It seems that a logical solution would be to keep Magic inside and block his kitty door, but Enan-McKinnon is a nurse, and says that with her odd hours, she can’t keep Magic locked inside all day. (CatChannel endorses keeping all cats indoors, but that’s another story.)

What do you think? What should be done about Magic?

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