See How Life Is With 12 Fluffy Cats (And Not Counting)

Here's the story of a lovely lady who was bringing up 12 very lovely cats.

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All present and accounted for and ridiculously cute. Via 12 Cats Lady/Instagram
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Do you ever wish you could clone your cat and have two of them? Or three? Or 12? The Instagram account 12catslady shows what life is like (in case, you know, you don’t quite want that commitment) with a house full of feline doppelgängers who are all similarly gorgeous, super fluffy, ridiculously photogenic cats.

Michelle Nakamichi and the 12 Chinchilla Persians whose adventures she chronicles through pictures live in Fukuoka, Japan. The furry family has 250,000 followers on Instagram and it’s easy to see why. Looking at the account is like looking at house full of cat supermodels.

How did she wind up with all this fluff? It all started with a rescue. Then, another rescue, and then another (it happens).

“My first kitty was a rescue, then I adopted two more,” Nakamichi told us. “One was about a month old. She was weak when I got her because she didn’t have a mother to feed her and the other one was over a year old and covered with matted fur.”

The first rescue, a girl, she named Yuki. The next, another girl, she named Momo, and the last rescue was a boy, Shou. And Shou took a liking to the ladies. And then nine kittens followed (that also happens).

Yuri, Bruce, Blackie, Kaya, Karu, Ai, James, Tiger, Goodie and their parents are now all spayed and neutered. And all are living in the best possible place with the most loving owner.

“Because I have had them since they were kittens, I can tell which is which even with their voice,” Nakamichi said of how close she is to them. “They are so different, they have different personalities. They are all special in their own ways.”

#crazycatladylivingroom ❤️ Thankyou for all your get well soon msgs for tiger ❤️ He is doing good and resting . Vet said it was an insect bite ( not sure what insect tho ) . It’s summer here and we live beside a farm so he might got bitten while playing in their catio ( I think i need to lessen their play time outside especially summer that insects are active ???? ) . Vet gave him injection already and medicine to take so hopefully he will get back being cheeky in no time 🙂 He is resting now .. sorry I can’t reply one by one I myself is recovering from flu ?? . Thankyou all again and have a good week ahead ❤️ _______________________________________________ #cat #cats #catsofinstagram #cats_of_instagram #catstagram #weeklyfluff #fluffypack #catnap #crazycatlady #gato #kucing #kitty #meow #neko #persian #persiancatsofinstagram #animaladdicts #animalsco

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Videos show them pouncing on toys and sharing snacks together. Some of the best pictures are of their adventures on a sunny catio that Nakamichi created for them. There, you can see them sunbathing, watching wildlife and generally loving life.

“Their catio is the best thing we did for them. They love it and I’m happy to see them enjoying the weather outside even with a limited space (all of them are indoor cats).”

Of course, there are challenges to having 12 cats. Cleaning, for instance. Nakamichi continues to show her dedication to the cats by taking even that in stride.

“When you have cats, I think you are more aware that you need to clean more than the no-pet households,” she told us. “I clean the litter boxes six times or more a day and clean (vacuum, de-fur the bed, carpet, sofa) two times a day but that’s normal for me.”

When I first realized I can make a #squad photo ?. Back in 2014 when I was still 13catslady ❤️ ( top r-l Kaya and tiger , 2nd row right is goodie behind him is momo , left is Ai , 3rd row right is karu , middle (box) r-l James and fayn left is blackie, below is Yuri . Shou, Yuki and Bruce was not on the photo ) .. Fayn is goodies brother , RIP dec 2013- aug 2014 ? we still missed him ❤️ #throwbackthursday ________________________________________________________#cat #cats #calico #catsofinstagram #crazycatlady #cutepetclub #club_of_cats #catstagram #bestmeow #buzzfeed #buzzfeedanimals #bestcats_oftheworld #thedailykitten #weeklyfluff #animalsco #instacat_meows #instacat #instapet #instalike #instadaily #catoftheday #petoftheday #cat_features #gato #kucing #catcondo #catloversclub

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“Grooming them is challenging,” she admits. “Persian cats eyes are hard to maintain clean and their long coats are hard to keep mat-free.”

We think the payoff is worth it. Look at them! Yet in spite of their gorgeousness, photographing them presents a bit of a challenge.

“It takes me 10-15 shots to get one good photo,” Nakamichi told Incredibly, she winds up with many shots of them all looking at the camera. For that, she relies on a strategy that can be hit-or-miss for even one cat. “I wave them their toy feather to get their attention and call their names.”

Again, we have to say: worth it. And a quarter of a million people agree with us, too.

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