Hotel Opens Dog-Friendly Accommodations

The BALSAMS Hotel in New Hampshire converts several of its rooms into dog-friendly quarters.

A remote New Hampshire hotel has added new selections to its room service menu — and they cater to dogs.

In May, The BALSAMS Grand Resort Hotel turned 17 of its rooms into dog-friendly quarters. The rooms are located within a separate stand-alone property on the hotel grounds, called The BALSAMS Inn. Upon checking into the dog-friendly hotel rooms, guest will find food and water dishes, a dog bed, gourmet dog treats, pooper-scoopers with disposable gloves and bags, along with the option to call room service and order everything from basic dog food to specially prepared steak and beef dishes.

“It’s been great,” says David Lindelow, the hotel’s general manager, “and because of this unique opportunity guests without pets have enjoyed having the pets here too, without having to encounter them in the main hotel.”

The hotel has no weight or dog breed restrictions and multiple dogs per room are allowed. Although rooms are open to a variety of pets, the majority of its special guests are dogs, Lindelow says. It’s preferred that dogs are not left alone in rooms, he added, and the hotel provides a “pet ambassador” if guests need to leave the room without their pet. The ambassador will also assist with additional duties such as taking a dog for a walk.

The hotel adds a $25 charge for a dog-friendly room, which covers additional room cleaning and pet amenities. The hotel cleans the dog rooms rigorously, laundering comforters and shams, as well as shampooing the carpet, Lindelow said.

“The pets enjoy The BALSAMS Hotel just as much as the owners,” he added.

The hotel is located in Dixville Notch, N.H., and is situated in the White Mountains. For reservations, call (866) 380-6798 or visit

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