Take A Moment To Marvel At This Super Dreamy Veterinarian

Dr. Evan Antin saves puppies with his bare hands and wealth of medical knowledge. Feel free to swoon.

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"Time for a check-up, Fido!" Via Dr. Evan Antin/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

Taking your pet to the vet is rarely a joyful experience. In fact, it’s probably your list favorite item on your to-do list. But if your appointment was with Dr. Evan Antin, you’d probably race to the vet’s office every day of your life.

Formerly named by People magazine as “Sexiest Beast Charmer,” the California-based veterinarian certainly has a way with animals AND humans. He’s amassed quite the following on Facebook and Instagram where he shares his day-to-day life as a dedicated animal healer and cat lover on. Currently, he has more than 60,000 Facebook fans and more than 93,000 followers on Instagram. And we all know our pets aren’t the ones clicking the like button.

Warning: Dr. Antin’s photos will leave you weak in the knees and extremely distracted for the remainder of your workday, so lovingly gaze upon this specimen at your own risk.

Here he is…

1. Giving the best bunny ears to this floppy-eared rabbit.

His name is Reggie and he loved every second of this, we’re assuming.

2. Snuggling with puppies.

2015 ULTIMATE PELFIE! What better way to wrap up the year 😉 #pelfie #puppy #wildvet #vetmed #puppyvet #ilovepuppies #puppylove A photo posted by Evan Antin ???????????????????????????????????????????? (@dr.evanantin) on

Your heart is probably on the verge of exploding right now.

3. In a tux with a monkey.

Happy Saturday! Let’s tux and monkey! #animaltracksinc #baboon #blacktie #wildvet #chrissythebaboon

A photo posted by Evan Antin ???????????????????????????????????????????? (@dr.evanantin) on

Just two handsome beasts looking ever so dapper.

4. On the receiving end of a snake bite and still looking absolutely adorable.

“Just a snake bite, NBD.” -said nobody EVER.

5. Lifting a giant tortoise like it’s nothing.

Tortoises make great pets and great props…JK!!! This is one very cooperative tortoise tho. Sulcatta tortoises often…

Posted by Dr. Evan Antin on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

He’s mimicking the excited reaction of the tortoise here, yes?

6. Pretending to bite a puppy’s head.

Now that’s a lucky puppy.

7. Getting sweet with a pig.

#wildvet #vet #pig piggy medicine! pigs can be screamers but always a pleasure to see on the job ???? A photo posted by Evan Antin ???????????????????????????????????????????? (@dr.evanantin) on

This little piggy went to the vet and love it.

8. Stopping to pet random cats on the street in Turkey.

Looks like the cat doesn’t mind too much.

9. Looking serious while treating an iguana.

When I was a young kid, I had an #iguana named Pete. Since then, I’ve had a total soft spot for them, and this guy is SO BEAUTIFUL it made me miss my old friend! A photo posted by Evan Antin ???????????????????????????????????????????? (@dr.evanantin) on

Don’t worry, big lizard. Our heart rate sped up, too.

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