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Looking for a bargain on the latest toys and gadgets for your bird? Take a look at this month's hot items.

Zoo-Max’s Birdy Plunk
Zoo-Max Exotic of Quebec created the Birdy Plunk as an ?ducational toy capable of encouraging the ingenuity of birds,?said Bernard St.-Cyr, president and founder of Zoo-Max. Place a nut or other favorite treat inside the cylinder, and then watch your bird puzzle over how to get the treat out.

?he first prototype included a trigger on only one side,?St.-Cyr said. ?fterward, we discovered that the birds had more fun going around the toy and pulling on the triggers, so now the toy has triggers all around.?lt;/FONT>

?ost people who called us were astounded to see how fast their birds could do the tricks,?St.-Cyr noted. The toy is available in two sizes. Zoo-Max Exotic, LTD (450) 771-0556.

KAYTEE’S Munchables
?irds instinctively forage and explore for food,?said Rich Bonkowski, pet products manager for KAYTEE Products, Inc. The Munchables Shred-A-Box, honey seed treats concealed in shreddable boxes, ?re a fun way to let a pet bird discover a hidden treat to eat.?The treat box also provides a great mix of nutrition, he added.  Munchables are available for budgies, cockatiels and parrots.

?ustomer feedback has been very positive among consumers and avian experts,?Bonkowski said. ?hey are appreciative of a product that delivers so many benefits to a bird.?amp;nbsp; KAYTEE Products, Inc., (800)-KAYTEE-1.

LuckyBird’s Can O’Nuts
?he Can O?uts is made from LuckyBird? unique Bullet-Proof?high-impact material, similar to the material used in the fabrication of bullet-proof glass,?said Marina Popelka, sales manager for LuckyBird Toys International. The cylinder-shaped toy holds a plastic peanut or may be filled with fresh nuts or other treat options. It is held together by ?eeply recessed screws?that are unreachable to the birds. Because of the sturdy design, birds must figure out how to extract the treat without breaking the container.

?ustomers are surprised and extremely pleased at the validity of LuckyBird? claims of the toy? ruggedness,?said Popelka. The Can O?uts is available in two sizes for small and large birds. LuckyBird Toys International (303) 477-6292.

Busy Beaks’ Fiesta Box
Jan Graham, owner of Busy Beaks in Texas, was inspired to create the Fiesta Box by her own parrots. ?e are owned by many parrots who keep us challenged with finding new and different ways to keep them busy,?she said.

The Fiesta Box is made of shredded, colorful paper, cuttlebone, oyster shell, coconut fiber, bamboo, 100-percent cotton rope, vegetable-tanned leather pieces and wood, plus a surprise in every box. It? ? great foraging toy, and we make every one a bit different so they are always looking for the ?urprise?in side,?Graham added.  Busy Beaks, LLC, (915) 842-0663.

Frasier’s Goodie Gadget
Buz Frasier, a consulting engineer by trade, was surprised when his green-winged macaw, Honcho, was able to open a child-proof top to an empty aspirin bottle. ?e? a natural,?said Frasier. So Frasier went to work designing mechanical toys that would both entertain and challenge pet parrots. The Goodie Gadget was one of those inventions. The toy requires a bird to unscrew the wing nut in order to retrieve the treat inside the stainless-steel container. The container moves around while the bird attempts to open it, increasing the challenge.

Fraiser said customer feedback has been enthusiastic. Frasier Products, Inc. (303) 752-3295.

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