Hot Days + Thick Fur Call for Cool-Downs with Popsicles for Cats

Cole and Marmalade's cat parent has created a cooling snack for cats everywhere.

Love cooking up a little DIY surprise in the kitchen? Now you can do so for your cats! Kitty duo Cole and Marmalade’s “servant,” Chris Poole, has created a super simple (yet completely brilliant) catsicle how-to that features two separate cool-down recipes that will leave your kitties purring and feeling fully refreshed! The first is for the tuna-loving feline in your life, the second focuses on pleasing the kitty who loves unexpected surprises (there are hidden cat treats within!), but both feature an identical ingredient: love.

A word of warning: you may want to make these when your cat is out of the kitchen, otherwise you’ll be subject to a lot of begging.

Hey, if humans can have popsicles to beat the heat, why can’t cats?!

Will you be trying these recipes out for your kitties?

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