Former MTV VJ Dave Holmes Mourns The Death Of His Dog Through Beautiful Essay

The TV host and writer celebrated the life of his late dog, Junior, by penning a touching essay about him for Esquire.

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Dave Holmes and his late dog, Junior on National Dog Day. Via Dave Holmes/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

All pet owners understand the depth of pain that comes with losing a pet. Former MTV VJ Dave Holmes expressed his through a beautiful essay for Esquire magazine that every pet owner can relate to (and will most likely leave you in tears).

In his essay, “I Said Goodbye to My Best Friend Last Night,” published shortly after his dog, Junior, passed away, Holmes recalls the ways in which his Wheaten Terrier brought love and light into his life, and his boyfriend Ben Wise’s life.

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One particularly spot-on point Holmes made about his bond with Junior was so universal to all pet owners that it’s almost tear-inducing.

“A dog introduces you to a simple, honest, new kind of love,” Holmes wrote. “Or maybe an old one: the one you felt when you were a kid and the world was full of wonder and affection and possibility and you only knew a couple of people and they were your everything.”

The former “TRL” host and pop culture personality shared some of the details of Junior’s passing, which occurred because of a ruptured spleen and post-surgical complications that followed. After Holmes and Wise said goodbye to their sweet 10-year-old boy, they both felt completely lost.

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Holmes ends his story about Junior’s life with a quote that caused me to give my dog an extra tight hug, and might encourage you to do the same:

“You might have had your heart expanded and broken by a dog yourself. If you have, you know what’s happening right now. If you haven’t, I can tell you this, even now, even as we wander this house looking for pieces of our shattered hearts: It was worth it.”

RIP, Junior. You were so loved.

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