Hospital Tank

We have set up the hospital tank and are treating our fish.

Our royal gramma died shortly after my last post. I was expecting it, but it was still a hard hit. That pretty little fish had been in the tank almost three years, and it was really sad to see him go.

Luckily, the tomato clown and the coral beauty are still hanging in there. A few days ago, we captured these two survivors and moved them to the hospital tank. Catching them was no easy task — we had to completely tear down and remove all the rocks and corals from the tank. We moved everything into buckets and covered it all with water, then got out the nets and went fishing. The coral beauty proved especially tricky to catch — she can really move!

After the fish were in the hospital tank, we administered the first dose of copper medicine, according to the directions on the label. We redosed after 48 hours and then tested the water for copper. Our concentration is exactly where it’s supposed to be. The next challenge will be keeping the copper concentration steady over the next two weeks. I also tested the water for ammonia, which was present at a low level. We’ll be doing small water changes daily or every other day to keep these ammonia levels in check. Of course, every time we do a water change, the copper levels will drop, so we’ll need to add enough copper medicine to the replacement water to bring the levels back up. I know this will be tricky, but with testing I know we can do it.

For now, I know we are doing all we can to help the fish. I’ll just hope and pray that they’ll make it through the marine ich treatment. I will keep you posted on their progress!

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