Hope for Urinary Blockages

A quick response and knowing what to look for can save your cat?s life.

That morning, Shaffer made trip after trip to the litterbox. He strained each time but couldn’t produce more than a few drops of urine. Small puddles tinged pink with blood, appeared on the tile floors.

Shaffer had cystitis, again.

A trip to his veterinarian for an examination confirmed the recurrence. He was restarted on his medications, along with a low dose of Valium to ease his discomfort, and sent home.

By afternoon, Shaffer was listless. By early evening, he staggered if he tried to walk. I called Shaffer’s veterinarian, Diana Egnor of the Dunbar Animal Hospital in Dunbar, W.V., who explained the dangers of a urinary blockage. I wrapped him in a blanket, hurried him to the car and laid him on the seat beside me. His eyes were open, but he never moved. In just hours, Shaffer’s cystitis progressed from discomfort to a life-threatening urinary blockage.

**For the full article, pick up the March 2007 issue of CAT FANCY.**

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