Hooray For Dogs!

New book takes a look at how humans have viewed their best friend through the ages.

For more than 22 years, Alexandra Day has been writing about all things dog. The creator of the Good Dog Carl series of children’s books, Day has amassed an almost encyclopedic wealth of knowledge about man’s best friend. Her latest book, “Hooray for Dogs,” is a showcase of some of the great quotes, pictures, stories, and facts about canines Day has collected.

Divided into sections such as “Laughter,” “Appreciation,” “Love & Loyalty,” and “Trouble,” the book features beautiful vintage illustrations, taken from paintings, postcards, books, and magazines. Quotes about dogs by such literary luminaries as Robert Louis Stevenson, P.G. Wodehouse, and George Bernard Shaw dot the page, as do excerpts from songs, books, and proverbs. One quote from writer Alexander Pope reads: “Histories are more full of examples of fidelity of dogs than of friends.”

Stories about dogs’ remarkable bravery, loyalty, and tenacity demonstrate the depths of their devotion to us, their human companions. One noted dog is Bloodhound Nick Carter, who was directly responsible for more than 700 arrests during his career as a tracker for the Lexington, Ky., Police Department.

Whether we love a pound puppy or a purebred, a herding dog or a hound, “Hooray for Dogs” shows that we can do no wrong in giving our hearts to these faithful and joyful creatures.

“Hooray for Dogs” is on sale now.

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