Hong Kong is Home to a Very Popular Cat

After being missing for 26 days, a cat becomes a celebrity figure in Hong Kong.

If you’ve ever had a cat go missing, you know how traumatic it can be. All you want is to get your cat back. After a week or two you may think you’ll never get your cat back. In July 2012, a cat belonging to a convenience store owner in Hong Kong went missing, CNN reports. Brother Cream was gone for 26 days. He was found thanks to social media.

The cat, who seems to be a staple at Ko Chee-shing’s convenience store, received media attention when he returned, resulting in Brother Cream reaching celebrity status. As of today, he has 177,070 likes on his Facebook page. People even travel to see him, bringing him presents and taking pictures of him, Buzzfeed reports. His newfound celebrity has led to promotional and media opportunities (his picture is even on a bus) and, his owner says according to CNN, that the money he receives from these ventures goes to charity to provide cat food and dog food to those in need.

Do you think Brother Cream’s celebrity status will expand to other countries? Will he be as popular as Grumpy Cat? He does already have a statue. Let us know what you think on the comments.

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