Homemade Cat Treats

The recession is still on, so it's time to try my hand at cat goodies for Gracie.

With the recession still raging on, many of us have had to forego some of life’s little luxuries. For me, that means I haven’t bought new spats in months!

Also, cat treats have become a problem. I can’t afford the store-bought kind, and shoplifting is out of the question now that it’s no longer overcoat weather. Recently, I tried making some treats of my own. Here’s a report.

One of the first things I tried was cat pudding, which freaked me out until I discovered it contained no actual cats! It uses unflavored gelatin, unflavored mayonnaise, egg whites and plain yogurt. Cats enjoy it, until you mention its official name is “glop.” And they start having an official name for you, which is unrepeatable here.

Cat crackers are simple and fun, requiring only tuna, cornmeal, flour and water. You mix this in a bowl and bake. For fun, make them in the shape of the four most recent presidents. If your cat eats them, cool. If she arranges them in order, she should be in the gifted class.

Catnip tea is easy to make. Put water and catnip in a bottle, shake until green and pour. Remember, the the tea should be green, not you — unless it’s theme night at your house, which cats love.

Amazingly, there’s a cat snack that is human-friendly and economical, too, in case you’re still waiting on that Enron stock to rebound. It’s called Chicken Cheeseburger. It uses ground beef, ground chicken and chicken soup. Should you prepare it, it’s best to make two plates. That way, if you’re hungry, you don’t have to say, “Hey, what’s that” and when your cat turns her head, you  snarf her portion. I’ve tried this with Gracie. She still hasn’t forgiven me.

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