Homeless Woman Rescues Cat, Now Shelter Wants to Save Her

A pet shelter wants to help the woman who rescued a stray cat, in spite of falling on hard times.

Staff at Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas, are looking to give thanks to a homeless woman who rescued a cat, giving him a second chance at life and love.

“There she was with nothing,” Minda Emas Harris, Montgomery County Animal Shelter’s rescue coordinator said to The Huffington Post. “There but for the grace of God go I.”

The unnamed woman, residing in a long-term-stay motel just outside of Houston, found a cat named Enrique locked within the motel room bathroom. Abandoned by his previous owner’s, Enrique may have died had the woman not heard his cries through the vents.

Breaking him free from his week-long prison, the woman rescued Enrique, buying him a stuffed teddy bear and food despite having very little of her own. When motel management discovered Enrique, however, they gave the homeless woman an ultimatum: lose the cat or lose her room.

Having no choice, the woman brought Enrique to Montgomery County Animal Shelter, along with his beloved stuffed teddy bear and remaining food. Her goal: finding him a permanent home – the very thing she was unable to provide.

“This wonderful lady cared very much about his well-being,” shelter employee Tonya Prudhomme Todd, wrote on Facebook. “She provided for him even with having very little herself.”

Shelter staff are confident that Enrique (and his teddy bear) will find a loving home in no time given his calm, canine-loving disposition; but now they are interested in assisting the woman who helped him.

Tracking down a person with no address is a difficult task, especially for individuals who are in the business of helping animals; but shelter staff feel that her kindness, in the face of her own situation, is an example for all, and want to repay it.

“We need more good people in the world,” Todd wrote. “And to show them that kindness is repaid.”

Enrique is currently available for adoption at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter, and is rumored to have a soft spot for Mexican food.

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