Shelter Dog Who Makes His Own Bed Gets A New Home

Rush the Pit Bull's new family decided to adopt him after seeing him making his own bed in an irresistible YouTube clip.

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Rush poses with his new family. Via SICSA Pet Adoption Center/Facebook

Rush the Pit Bull has been adopted! The dog who stole the Internet’s collective heart by making his bed every day has been taken home from the Kettering, Ohio shelter where he has spent the past few months. In a video posted by the SICSA Pet Adoption Center, the couple who adopted Rush said they had seen that beyond-adorable clip of him online (and on the local news) and felt like they were meant to make him part of their family.

The couple — whose names have not been released — said they had lost a dog earlier this year and weren’t sure they were ready for another pet. And then they saw Rush.

The two were unable to “talk [each other] out of it,” filled out the pre-adoption paperwork and drove to the shelter as quickly as they could, hoping that Rush would still be there. On the drive, they saw a sign — literally — that made them believe they were making the right decision.

On the way to the shelter, they spotted a Cincinnati Bengals billboard that said “Rush To Be There,” and as soon as they read the letters R-U-S-H, they knew they were doing the right thing.

“He’s our destiny, that’s for sure,” his new mom said.

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