Homeless Dog Undergoes Dramatic Transformation After Being Rescued

After struggling to survive on the streets, Kelsey the dog has finally found a forever home and it looks so good on her.

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Health and happiness look good on Kelsey. Via AcidCow

This is Kelsey.

She has spent years trying to survive on the streets by finding shelter and sustenance wherever she could, according to AcidCow. Life had not been kind to her, and exposure to the elements had taken its toll on Kelsey’s poor fur, skin and tiny body.

Luckily, thanks to the overwhelming kindness and generosity of a human who discovered her, she has all the food and shelter she needs.

The following photos show her transformation. Warning: Some of these photos might be upsetting, but don’t worry. Kelsey appears to be much happier and healthier now.

Here’s Kelsey at her lowest point. This is where her new owner found her.

As you can see, she was in seriously rough shape.

And certainly grateful for some clean and refreshing hydration.

After getting cleaned up at the vet, look at this little lady glow!

Notice her healed skin and newfound swagger. It’s amazing.

And here comes the fur. She looks like a completely different pup.

Here’s Kelsey just radiating bliss in her new surroundings.

Sometimes all you need is love.

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