Home Dog Grooming?

10 tips to minimize a dog grooming mess.

Here’s are 10 tips to help keep the mess to a minimum:

  1. A quality vacuum is a must for home grooming your dog. You’ve got to suck up the hair immediately or it will migrate through the house and so will any fleas in the hair.

  2. Adhesive, washable or squeegee hair pickups are handy for the hair you couldn’t get with a vacuum.

  3. Use an apron or smock to keep hair off while grooming and to keep yourself dry while bathing the dog.

  4. Have a set of grooming clothes you can wear without worrying about dirt, hair or odor.

  5. Use absorbent cotton towels for drying. Place them under your soaked dog or make a crate cozy for your damp dog.

  6. A roll of paper towels is helpful for spills and accidents.

  7. A lined trash can is handy for disposing of cotton balls and general clean up.
  8. A restraint for the grooming table and tub is also helpful because it’s safer and keeps the dog in one place.

  9. Use a disinfectant (or deodorant), bucket, sponge and mop to clean up.

  10. When finished, machine-wash the towels, clothes and apron with hot water. Never mix dirty, hair-covered grooming items with your regular clothes unless you want them covered in hair.
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