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Cat boarding facilities offer peace of mind when you travel without your cat.

You can breathe a sigh of relief the next time you have to take a trip. Thanks to the growth in cat kennels in the United States, a safe and secure place to leave your pets is only a phone call away. And with some of today’s modern cat kennels, which offer feline guests everything from massages to private fishbowls to personalized messages from their favorite people, a trip to the kennel can be more like a vacation for your cat.

You might feel uneasy at the thought of leaving your cat with a stranger. While cat kennel owners say that’s a perfectly normal feeling, consider what is best for your pet. “As a rule, felines don’t travel well,” says Valentina DaCosta, owner of Captain Kitt’s cat boarding facility in Clinton, Conn. “Loud noises and car sickness can stress a cat out. It’s best to keep them in a serene environment with responsible caregivers.”

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