Holiday Treats

Want to find the perfect gift for your cat? Consider one of these easy ways to show your cat you care.

Amid all the planning for your family feast during the holiday season, don’t forget to consider your cat. Show your cat how grateful you are for its unconditional love, frisky feline spirit and comforting friendship by doing one or all of the following:

1. Spay or neuter your cat. By spaying and neutering, you not only improve your cat’s health and demeanor, but you take a step toward ending cat overpopulation.

2. Keep your cat indoors. A cat can be perfectly content indoors with plenty of toys, living space and companionship. An outdoor cat faces life-threatening dangers cars, other animals and disease that significantly shorten its life expectancy.

3. Treat your cat to a grooming session. Keep the initial session short and simple, and you can start a healthy, interactive routine of brushing, combing, bathing and clipping your cat’s nails.

4. Set aside time for an interactive play session. Buy your cat a new toy, or be creative with a flashlight or string. Be sure to put dangerous toys and strings away once the session is over.

5. Add cat treats to your holiday grocery list. Resist the temptation to feed your cat holiday scraps, as they can harm its system. Instead, provide a special treat formulated for your cat.

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