Holiday Readings, Greetings and Feedings for Pet Bird Owners

Taking a breather? Check out these pet bird holiday tips and tricks.

1) Looking for some holiday romance? Check out the romance novels featured in BIRD TALK’s article “Romancing the Parrot.” Judith Lansdowne created her Lord Nightingale’s series which features a macaw named Lord Nightingale. Lord Nightingale’s Christmas is the fourth and final installment in the series.

2) Are you prepared for a happy and bird safe holiday? Find out for sure with our Bird Safety Holiday Quiz and Answers.

3) Oops! Forgot to send a card? Get it there quick by sending one of our holiday bird e-cards
4) Ready for a winter wonderland? Take a look at our winter housing tips.

5) Cooking for the family during the holidays? Why not cook up quick yummy dish for your bird? Try these Curried Sweet Potatoes.

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