Holiday Gift Ideas For Birds

Celebrate the holidays with your pet bird with these gift ideas.

Cockatiel next to holiday stockingDoes your bird need presents this holiday season?

The holidays are upon us, and many people rushed out on Black Friday to stock up on gifts for loved ones. But make sure you don? forget your feathered loved ones!

I have a stocking for each of my birds, and Santa fills it with all sorts of birdie goodies. A lot of bird toys and treats will make excellent stocking stuffers. A piece of spray millet is the perfect substitute for a candy cane ?or try something new, like an oat spray. NutriBerries or a favorite nut can fill the bottom instead of candies. Dried red peppers are a favorite treat for many birds, and these are red-and-green delights are already decked out in festive colors. Parrot foot toys fit perfectly in any size stocking, and there are tons to choose from wherever you go.

Any toy can be a present, but if you?e looking for something especially festive you also have lots of options. Vine wreaths are a favorite for large and small birds alike; they come in lots of different colors, all of which are fun. If you have a place to buy them individually, you can pick out which colors you like best. I made a string of green and red ones for my cockatiel? Christmas present (shh, don? tell!). Birdie bagels are also wreath-shaped and available in a large variety of colors, red and green included. Wicker stars are also a festive addition to any toy or stocking, and these come in multiple colors as well.

Bells are also a classic bird favorite, and perfect for the winter holidays! String a little bouquet of bells on a red or green rope and watch your bird jingle all the way. Many parrot treats and toys feature pinecones, which can add a fun, wintery feel to any bird? foraging or play regimen.

Of course, you can find some toys that are specifically holiday-themed, too. At Animal Exchange in Rockville, Maryland, we have strings of multi-colored wooden “lights?on leather strips to brighten up any cage. For some bigger birds, there are also hard plastic reindeer and Christmas tree toys that play carols when the bird pushes a button. See what unique things are available at your local shop!

For some birds, half the fun can be opening the present and destroying the wrapping (I? looking at you, lovebirds). Wrap the present in paper and let your bird tear it open. This is a great way to get them involved in the family festivities, too!

There are lots of ways to get your birds involved in the holidays! What? your favorite tradition?

Check out cute holiday bird toys mentioned in this article in the video below.

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