Hockey Player’s Hat Trick Got An Ohio Girl A New Dog

Maddie Wright's dad promised her if Cam Atkinson of the NHL's Columbus Blue Jackets scored, he'd get her a dog.

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Sorry dad, but number 13 decided to score more than once. Via Fox Sports Ohio/Twitter

When a hockey player scores a hat trick — three goals in the same game — the home fans traditionally throw their own hats onto the ice. One young Columbus Blue Jackets fan didn’t participate in that particular ritual on Monday night, probably because she was too excited about her new pet.

It was Maddie Wright’s ninth birthday and before she and her dad left their Powell, Ohio, home and headed to the game, her dad, Brian, made a deal with her, reports. He said that she could pick any player on the Blue Jackets’ roster and, if he scored, Brian would finally let Maddie and her brother have a second dog.

Maddie picked Blue Jackets right wing Cam Atkinson, and she and her mother drew a sign to get his attention and (more likely) to make Brian keep his side of the bargain. Maddie stood against the glass with her stenciled poster, which said: “Dad said if 13 scores on my birthday we get a dog.”

Atkinson scored in the first period – and then he scored two more times, as if to say, “You’d better stock up on chew toys, Dad.”

“We’re getting a dog, and it’s happening soon,” Brian told “But we had to remind her: We’re getting ONE dog.”

The very next day, the family went to the Delaware County Humane Society to look at a possible addition to the family, and to see if the dog would be a good fit with the family’s current dog, Wrigley.

And as if Atkinson hadn’t done enough already, reports that he offered to pay the family’s adoption fees, and would help with anything else they needed before they welcomed their new family member home. Maddie has seemingly already thanked him in a big way: She’s naming the dog Cam.

Strangely enough, just one night before, Ottawa Senators right wing Bobby Ryan scored a puppy for a Sens fan. During warmups, he saw a boy in the stands holding a sign that said “Bobby, dad said if you score we get a puppy.” Ryan scored in the second period, and said he was noticeably relieved.

“I wanted to get the poor kid a dog,” he told the Associated Press.

Uh oh, NHL players. This could be a long season.

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