History of BIRD TALK Magazine

BIRD TALK is celebrating 25 years of publishing the latest pet bird care information

BirdTalk magazineBIRD TALK is celebrating 25 years of publishing the latest bird care information for pet bird owners.

BIRD TALK magazine was first published in 1982 by Thomas A. Bell. However, like most startup magazines, it soon encountered some of the usual publishing issues and faced going under. The publisher offered the magazine to a very small publishing company called Fancy Publications, which published Cat Fancy, Dog Fancy and Horse Fancy magazines.

Fancy Publications published a redesigned issue of BIRD TALK magazine, with a focus to provide information for pet bird owners, in April 1984. Two of the new columns introduced included “Watch the Birdie” and “Causes and Cures.”

Here is a look back at the features that appeared in the first issues of BIRD TALK in 1982.

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