Hiking Kitty Scales Heights of Hills (and Instagram)

Paddington the cat hikes the Pacific Northwest and shares it all with a mounting Instagram following.

Paddington the Bear was fond of marmalade, but Paddington (aka Paddy) the cat prefers long hikes along Seattle’s Pacific Northwest trails with his owners – and he’s got the snapshots to prove it!

“We think he might be part dog,” said Anna Wilson [https://kutv.com/news/offbeat/owners-of-hiking-cat-says-it-may-be-part-dog].

Adopted as a kitten last year from the Seattle Humane Society by Renton, Washington’s Bryan and Anna Wilson, the now 1-year-old housecat quickly showed his humans that he had a taste for the great outdoors, and began accompanying them on hikes.

“Kittens can be cute and cuddly and just stay there, but not him, he really wanted to explore the world,” said Bryan Wilson. “I thought it was like the coolest thing in the world, really.”

Although his longest hike was two-and-a-half miles, Paddy typically walks up to one mile on a leash, then takes a break by hitching a ride on dad, Bryan’s, shoulders, or in his backpack.

Posting under the Instagram handle @pnwcathikes [https://instagram.com/pnwcathikes/], Paddy shares photos and videos (with his 3,000+ followers) of his outdoor expeditions – hitting the trails, exploring streams, and kayaking. Yes, Paddy is a great fan of water.

Check out his swimming skills:

Take a peek at his trail-blazing ‘tude:

And watch as he shows safety first as he models life jackets for his water play:

“He kind of has a local celebrity status,” said Anna.

Not for long. We predict Paddy is about to achieve worldwide fame for his dauntless demeanor!

Follow all of Paddy’s adventures on Instagram @pnwcathikes!

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