Hiking Helps Blind Cat

Watch this inspiring video of Stevie the blind cat hiking the Comeragh Mountains in County Tipperary, Ireland, with his cat dad.

File this tale under humans we love.

Patrick Corr of Cork, Ireland, was a non-cat man until three years ago, when he heard Stevie’s story. Stevie, a blind calico cat, had lived at a local vet hospital for months because no one would give her a home.

“I didn’t adopt Stevie when she was a kitten,” Corr wrote via imgur. “I wasn’t even looking to adopt a cat, but when I heard she badly needed a home, I couldn’t resist.”

Corr arrived on the scene, took one look at Stevie, and left the vet hospital a changed man – an official cat person.

“I had to make some adjustments in my life when I took her in,” Corr wrote. “I can’t move furniture around or she’ll bump into them, and I have to keep her litter box and food bowl in the same place at all times. She learns amazingly fast though.”

One of Stevie’s favorite pastimes to indulge in with Corr? Long walks outside.

“Her tail acts as a cane to help her find her way around,” wrote Corr.

But touch isn’t the only sense little Stevie relies on to see her surroundings – scent is a big one, and something that makes their outdoor excursions even more enjoyable, as Stevie has the ability to smell the nature that she is unable to see visually.

Want to see Stevie in action? Watch this uber-inspiring video of sweet Stevie traversing the Comeragh Mountains in Co. Tipperary, Ireland alongside Corr [https://youtu.be/dsktMaocxxw] (did we mention he’s a filmmaker?).


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