High School Students Use 3-D Printer to Give Amputee Kitten Chance at Adoption

Through 3-D printing, teens build wheelchair for a kitten without back legs.

Cassidy the kitten’s beginnings weren’t made up of dreams and fairytales, but thanks to a couple of teenagers, the sweet feline is getting a happy ending.

Now 11-weeks-old, Cassidy was found in the woods, nearly starved, and suffering from severe injuries caused by an accident. After having both of his back legs amputated due to an E. Coli infection, Cassidy was turned over to the caring folks at volunteer-run TinyKittens Society, who admired Cassidy’s strength and will to live, and began documenting his day-to-day via live webcams. Through this live footage, Cassidy earned a second chance at life.

A secretary at Walnut Grove Secondary School found the footage, turning it over to a teacher, who inspired two senior students, Josh Messmer and Isaiah Walker, to create a wheelchair for Cassidy to help him get around.

Via modeling software and a 3D Printer, the teens were able to create a mobility device in just one week (approximately six hours from design to prototype), which they tried for the first time Wednesday. Now, Messmer and Walker are tweaking the height of the wheelchair, before Cassidy can begin using it permanently. Even better, as Cassidy grows, new parts can be created to grow with him.

“They really are giving Cassidy a second chance to have a really great life,” Shelly Roche of the TinyKittens Society told CTV News Vancouver. “Having a wheelchair is going to give him independence and be great for his spirit.”

Follow Cassidy’s admirable adventures via the TinyKittens Society’s LiveCam, and view a video of the little miracle kitten trying out his wheels for the first time at the link above.

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