Hide and Peke

You’ll find a charming playful companion under that fluffy mop.

John F. never has a bad day — at least not after Jakey gets involved. Every chance he gets, the little fawn-colored Pekingese with the black mask and dark soulful eyes puts his paw on French’s foot and gazes up at him with complete adoration, his fluffy tail wagging.

“Whatever kind of day I’ve had, it all just melts away,” says John, president of the Pekingese Club of America. “I appreciate everything about this breed, particularly their unconditional love and devotion.”

The Pekingese’s history as a treasured personal companion to emperors and empresses in the Forbidden City in Imperial China instilled these fabulous dogs with a regal self-importance, an intuitive understanding of human moods, and a broad appeal.

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