Hidden Toxins

Is your rabbit safe from these eight "hidden" toxins?

Hidden ToxinsMost pet owners know that certain things should be kept out of reach of pets. Commonly found products such as rat poison, antifreeze, fertilizers and other household poisons are known to be toxic to animals. Unfortunately, hidden toxins also lurk in and around the home in the form of fumes, household chemicals, medications, plants and even food.

Rabbits come into contact with poisons in a variety of ways. The most obvious is by eating something contaminated or toxic. Rabbits love to chew things, whether those things are food items or not. Free-roaming rabbits will nibble on just about anything they come across: wires and cables (which can cause electrocution), plants, paintwork, children’s toys, the contents of a wayward handbag and whatever items they can reach.

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