Hey, Man: Mellow Cat Breeds

Chill cats make mellow homes. See seven of the calmest cat breeds here.

Ragdoll Cat. Via Pixabay

Scientific research has shown that pets can have a calming effect on their owners, and these cats take that one step further by preferring a more relaxed, laidback type of lifestyle. While these seven breeds love playtime, they enjoy lap time more.

Don’t see your favorite mellow breed on our list? Many other cats enjoy snuggle time with their families.

Legends say this pointed cat with the white feet received its beauty as a gift from an appreciative goddess. Fans of the Birman also believe the cat is gifted with a sweet temperament and low-key personality, enjoying the company of its human family members as well as that of other pets.

Known for its copper eyes and blue coat, the Chartreux also attracts attention with its quiet, calm behavior. This French breed enjoys time spent with its owner, whether it climbs into its human’s lap or simply sits in quiet contentment with its head and paws on its owner’s leg.

The sweet, cuddly Himalayan is described as easy-going and affectionate, as well as friendly and laidback. The breed with the beautiful blue eyes and long pointed coat enjoys sleeping and watching television with its human companions.

One of the reasons the Persian remains so popular with cat lovers—besides its beautiful longhaired coat — is its sweet, docile temperament. Breeders describe the cat as laidback and friendly, noting that the Persian loves to spend time with its owners.


Breeders describe the Ragamuffin as “a true lap kitty” and point out the cat’s desire to be near (and on) its humans. The Ragamuffin’s loving, affectionate nature charms cat lovers, as do the cat’s sweet expression and long, silky coat.

The warm, affectionate Ragdoll enjoys meeting new people and socializes easily. Noted for its gentle personality and generally laidback disposition, the longhaired Ragdoll prefers time spent with its owners to racing around the house or climbing the curtains. Cat lovers also prize the breed for its beautiful blue eyes.

Russian Blue
The calm, affectionate Russian Blue prefers quiet evenings with its close family members to large gatherings with many guests. This petite cat with the silvery blue coat and green eyes seems to sense when its owner is upset, and will offer comfort by staying nearby.

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  • Don’t forget the Exotic Shorthair!

    Lisa October 24, 2016 4:57 am Reply
  • Maine Coon; the gentle giant

    M K October 24, 2016 5:16 am Reply
  • Also don’t forget Burmese,my little one is a black sable Burmese which is only 5 lbs at 3 years old,she loves sitting watching T.V. and cuddling !

    Ramona October 24, 2016 6:02 am Reply

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