This Cat’s Eyes Will Hypnotize You With Their Beauty

A cat with multicolored eyes has the Internet utterly mesmerized.

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"You're getting sleepy. Very sleepy. Now, hand me that catnip." Via raoeang/Imgur

Prepare to fall in love with a pair of mysterious, multicolored cat eyes.

In a photo series posted to Imgur by user raoeang, a white cat stares into the camera with crazy-gorgeous eyes that are each half blue and half greenish-brown.

 Via raoeang/Imgur

C’mon, science. Time to make contacts as awesome as these. Via raoeang/Imgur

This condition — in which the iris contains two different colors — is called sectoral or segmental heterochromia. You’re probably more familiar with complete heterochromia, which is when the eyes are two different colors — it’s commonly seen in dogs and cats.

Most cases of heterochromia occur sporadically and are not associated with any other symptoms or problems — other than having everyone get lost in your peculiar peepers.

This cat just put a spell on you. Via raoeang/Imgur

This cat just put a spell on you. Via raoeang/Imgur

And the problem with a cat having eyes like these is that it makes it much easier for cats to continue their journey to dominating the human race.

Completely under this cat's control now. Uh-oh. Via raoeang/Imgur

Completely under this cat’s control now. Uh-oh. Via raoeang/Imgur

Don’t look directly at them!

But do, because their soooo pretty.

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