Good Samaritan Runs Into A Burning Building To Save Neighbor’s Dog

When a house went up in flames leaving a family's dog trapped inside, one neighbor sprang into action.

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The Gourley's roof collapsed just as soon as their dog was pulled from the house. Via WTVF-News Channel 5
Chrissa Hardy

And now, a story that will completely restore your faith in humanity.

Brandon and April Gourley of Springfield, Tennessee, were on vacation when their home went up in flames with their pets trapped inside, reports WTVF-NewsChannel 5.

Luckily, neighbor Tim Tawater took action as soon as he noticed the smoke.

“I went by there concerned someone was in the house,” Tawater told the local news station. “I went in. I did a check. Nobody was there.”

Tim Tawater saves the day, and the dog! Via WTVF-NewsChannel 5

Tim Tawater saves the day, and the dog! Via WTVF-NewsChannel 5

Then, he and other neighbors heard barking coming from inside the house and realized that the couple’s dog, Sampson, a one-year-old Bouvier, was clearly still inside. Tawater ran back into the blaze for a second time and safely pulled the dog to safety mere minutes before the roof collapsed.

“I went back in and coaxed him out,” Tawater told WTVF. “I had to cover his head so he wouldn’t bite me. He was a little upset.”

The couple’s three cats were also in the house at the time of the fire. Two were rescued, while one is still unaccounted for.

Now it may seem crazy for a man to run into a burning building — TWICE, but as it turns out, Tawater happens to be a 20-year veteran of the Nashville Fire Department. And he insists he was just doing his job.

“To me the heroes are the volunteers that showed up to put it out that don’t get paid to do it,” he said.

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