Herman The Megacute Kitten’s Eyes Are So Huge He Can’t Close Them

The eyes are the window to the soul and this cat has a gigantic, adorable soul, apparently.

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Big stare, don't care. Via Exotic Herman/Instagram

You might feel like your cat always has his eyes on you. But what if your cat really never ever kept his eye off you because he never closed them? It’s actually a lot cuter and less stalk-y than it might sound.

Herman the Exotic Shorthair’s eyes are so large they never fully close, according to an interview with his owner in the Daily Mail. Shirley (no last name given) of Copenhagen, Denmark, told the news outlet that the 5-month-old cat can’t close his eyes all the way — even while sleeping.

Shirley doesn’t explain what’s behind the perma-stare, but the Daily Mail brings up the condition of spontaneous lens luxation, which has affected other cats who display such large eyes. While we don’t know whether this is the case, two things we can determine from this cat’s Instagram page are that he’s in the hands of a very caring owner and that he is uber cute and we want to meet him (that’s kind of three things but anyway… ).

Peel your eyes and see.

Meet Herman, As He Introduces Himself In His First IG Post

Follow the adventures, you say? Don’t mind if we do. 

He Observes The World With A Unique Outlook

“What a world…”

And Ponders What He Sees

Things that make you go “Hmmm… ” 

He Is Onto The Fact That We’re All Watching Him Back

“Oh, hello. I didn’t see you on my Instagram page there.”

It Causes Him To Ponder Life Further

“Does an observer change the nature of the observed? Where do we go when we die? Will I get treats today?” 

It Appears That He Knows You Should Keep Your Loved Ones Near

Life is short. Stop and smell the flowers and hold the ball.

And Enjoy The Simple Pleasures Of Life

The food dish makes life worthwhile.  

He Also Has Learned How To Deal With Haters

Herman gives zero Fs.

But, To Be Honest, He Couldn’t Possibly Have Any

Who are you to resist this face?

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