Here’s Why People Say Rats Are So Smart

Watch three rats perform tricks and try not to want one for a pet.

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Dropping rat trick knowledge on everyone.
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Shooting hoops, fetching money out of your purse and wallet, retrieving a tissue when you sneeze (then tossing the used tissue) — these are some of the smartest stupid pet tricks around. And they’re performed by three clever rats in a YouTube video posted by Abby Roeser.

In the video, Roeser uses clicker training and positive reinforcement to teach Pepper, Blue and Puffin to carry out sometimes-complex tasks, and the results could convert folks who wouldn’t otherwise consider picking rats as pets.

Pepper seems to be the Alpha Rat. She starts off with a basic move: fetch.

Bounding right back with that ball! Via Abby Roeser/YouTube

Bounding right back with that ball! Via Abby Roeser/YouTube

The ball game doesn’t end there. She then dunks a basketball.

Two for Pepper Via Abby Roeser/YouTube

Two for Pepper. Via Abby Roeser/YouTube

If this talent is making you emotional, you’ll wish Pepper was with you in person. She could bring you a tissue.

Best pet during cold season Via Abby Roeser/YouTube

Best pet during cold season. Via Abby Roeser/YouTube

Then throw it away when you’re done.

Thanks for tidying up, Pepper Via Abby Roeser/YouTube

Thanks for tidying up, Pepper. Via Abby Roeser/YouTube

And if you want to buy rat treats, she can hook you up, too.

Ka-ching! Via Abby Roeser/YouTube

Ka-ching! Via Abby Roeser/YouTube

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