Here’s What a Party Planned by Cats Sounds Like

A kitten fostering center marks 1,000 adoptions and the cats have ideas for celebrating.

Fostering and finding forever homes for 1,000 cats is no small feat. So naturally a celebration is in order for the cats and their staff at the Los Angeles Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Kittens, where hundreds of kittens have been socialized and rehomed.


A video shows exactly what the cats would like for their big day. Their aims are high (except for the beverages and you’ll see why in the video) but even a basic party needs a little outside help and support. Here, the cats keep hope alive as they detail their party dreams. 

Graduates who might attend the reunion have gone on to fulfill great roles as companions and housemates and all-around awesome cats. Everyone should be super proud of their post-Bungalow achievements.

Want to help these cats with their dreams? Head over to Kitty Bungalow’s party site and see how you can get the kitties to their dreams.

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