Here’s Proof Cats Will Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Cats take on zombies to save a kitten in this "Z Nation” promo video.

Have you ever wondered what cats would do if zombies suddenly attacked and took over? Would they turn into zombie kitties or would they fight off the undead with their awesome cat skills? In a promo created by Michael Tivikoff (Mr.TVCow) for the upcoming season of “Z Nation,” a series about zombies on the Syfy network, cats are pitted against zombies.

The felines are dressed in what can only be described as battle gear, complete with binoculars and machine guns. Their mission is to save a kitten from the approaching zombies. After fending off a multitude of zombies, the cats need some battle music. They blast the cassette (yes, a cassette), luring the zombies to the trap – the cats have, brilliantly of course, set up the cassette player on an explosive. But are their efforts enough to save the kitten?

The end of the promo shows the kitten with the cats, but as the camera pans out, we see that the kitten’s been bit by a zombie. Uh-oh!


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