Here’s How Christmas Trees and Cats Can Live in Harmony

Yes, you can have it all! Simply follow this family's lead and win at Christmas trees and cats.

Photos via Caters News Agency
Christmas is a time for love, laughter, family, and…protecting the tree from family pets?!

We’ve all dealt with the age-old problem of a feline in a fir tree; but one Cardiff, U.K., family is determined to protect their decadently decorated tree from the family’s recently acquired feline – and they’re going to great lengths to accomplish the nearly-impossible feat.
Natasha Smith and her partner Wayne Rudy adopted Storm (named after X-Men’s Storm, a mutant superhero who can control the weather) in August of this year, quickly coming to the conclusion that the curious kitten was highly skilled in one area: stirring up trouble wherever she places her paws. Worried that the mischievous moggy would wreak havoc on the holiday décor, they elected to do something unheard of: hang their Christmas tree from the ceiling!
“I like being different and this year we decided to go all out with our Christmas tree,” Smith told The Daily Mail. “The main reason we put it on the ceiling was because it’s our first Christmas with our new kitten Storm. Everyone knows how cats can cause mayhem and Storm is particularly crazy and she plays with everything. So it goes without saying that the tree would be an easy target.”

The tree design, created by Rudy, a caravan builder, took an entire day to fix to the ceiling – including the time spent organizing the presents around the base, and placing a Superman figurine beneath to look as if he’s holding the tree above the ground. If you’re curious as to how the duo created something so intriguing, however, mum’s the word.

“We don’t want to tell anyone how we did it because then it would take away the magic,” said Smith. “I shared it [the photo] on Facebook and it got a really great reaction – we’ve currently got nearly 20,000 likes on there. I think it’s because of the mystery around how we did it, so we don’t want to spoil it by revealing how it was done. Christmas is about enjoying things as a family so this seemed ideal, especially because we knew that the kids would love it.”

No word on whether the upside-down aesthetic has deterred Storm from trying her hand at tackling the tree; but as all cat owner’s know, where there’s a will, there’s a way. We presume this crazy kitty won’t be giving up so easily.

What do you think of this zany decorating idea?

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