This Dog Might Be The Most Helpful Friend In The World

When you need a helping hand, this dog is more than willing to lend you both paws.

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"Can you just read the funnies out loud to me?"
Chrissa Hardy

Dogs make the best best friends – that we already knew. What we didn’t know, is that some dogs can be trained to become part-time butlers, apparently.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Gregory Baskwell, a guy does his everyday routines and chores, all with the help of his four-legged buddy Finley.

The dog holds the toothpaste as Gregory brushes his teeth.

Via Gregory Baskwell/YouTube

“Don’t forget to floss!” Via Gregory Baskwell/YouTube

She holds folded clothes on her nose while he does his laundry.

Via Gregory Baskwell/YouTube

“OK, fine. But if you start adding hoodies, I’m out.” Via Gregory Baskwell/YouTube

The dog even keeps a hose in her mouth and aims it at the car the guy is washing by hand.

Via Gregory Baskwell/YouTube

“You missed a spot, bro.” Via Gregory Baskwell/YouTube

Maybe it’s time we all taught our dogs some new tricks, yeah?

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