Help Yourself Remember Dog Preventive Care

Try one or more of these ideas to make sure you remember your dog's all-important preventive care.

  • Ask for an e-mail reminder from the company that makes your dog’s preventive.

  • Ask if your veterinarian will send you a reminder card (especially for the injections).

  • Buy a pill organizer, and label the days as months so you’ll know whether you gave that month’s dose.

  • Create reminder notes on your personal digital assistant (PDA).

  • Give your dog his pill on the first of the month.

  • Place the medicine in a safe place where you’ll see it regularly.

  • Put reminder stickers on your calendar.

  • Send yourself e-mail reminders.


If you can’t remember to give your dog his regular dose, talk to your veterinarian to determine a prevention method that better fits your lifestyle.

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